Why sell flashlights?

The Market
 More and more people are buying flashlights, for both professional and personal (at home) use.  The word "flashlight" is searched for more than 800,000 times every month, in just the United States alone!  The market is rapidly growing. In 2017, the flashlight market was valued at $4.9 Billion. By 2025, the flashlight market will be worth an estimated $8.2 billion (according to Persistence Market Research).  There will be an estimated 2.22 Billion flashlights in use world wide by 2022.

The Product
Flashlights are durable-- you don't have to worry about expiration dates or damage during delivery.  They are multi-use: during an emergency (power outage), for recreation (camping), for professional use (i.e. security work, inspection), the list goes on and on!  The gist is, everyone needs a flashlight.

The Profit
There are many opportunities to make money with Flash-Light.com!  You can be an affiliate, directing customers to buy flashlights at stores like Amazon-- you don't have to have any inventory or ship anything, you simply get a cut of Amazon's sale!  Ads can be used by themselves or in addition to being an affiliate for steady, passive revenue.

You can wholesale from suppliers, such as ones you can find at AliExpress.  Drop-shipping is another potential avenue of income!

Appraisal Value